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At Annesborough Tyre Centre, we also specialise in fitting taxi tyres. Call in for a service, which is quick, reliable and great valve for money.



Tyre Size


12" - £10

13" - £10

14" - £20

15" - £20

16" - £20

17" - £25

18" - £25

19" - £25



Flat Tyre?  Don't Worry

If you get a flat tyre or a puncture you might be able to get it repaired by one of our team for a fraction of the cost of a new tyre if the puncture is in the main tread area and you stopped quickly without overheating the deflated tyre. Annesborough Tyres repairs tyres to the British standard BS AU159, this sets out the rules for repairs to car tyres. It defines the type of damage that can be repaired and the way that repairs should be carried out. One of the most important legal requirements is that the tyre has to be removed from the wheel to check for internal damage. If not spotted this could later result in sudden failure of the tyre. Because of this, externally applied plugs and liquid sealants injected through the tyre valve cannot be thought of as permanent repairs.

Flat Tyres

Tyre Labels Explained

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Tyre Labels Explained

Find out what they mean

Tyre Labels Explained

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Tyre & Pressure Checks

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